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Best Practices Examples

Focus Areas of Best Practices Papers

Focus Areas of Best Practices Papers

We provide insight and analysis across all Technology Business Management.​

  • IT and Sales Collaboration

  • Systems of Record

  • Holistic Insight

  • Obtaining Lasting Returns 

  • Business Operations

  • IT as Business Leader

Best Practices

From our archives, below are some of our very brief, selected white papers, that had been sponsored by key clients in the past.

Strategic Objectives
Differentiating your IT Strategy
Differentiating your IT Strategy

Elevator Pitch in IT?
Advancing and Articulating Topical Strategies

Elevator Pitch in IT

Professional Services Sizing and Sales Support

Avoiding Sales Objections in the SOW summary
PS Executive Presentation Success Factors


Service Financials - Aligning to Business Processes
Excerpt from our Service Financials Workshop

Service Financials and Reconciling to Business Processes

IT Business Management
Holistic Insight Within an IT Business Data Mart
IT Business Management CSF 2008

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