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Recent Success

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Construction of Operating Model for seamless digital execution.

Challenges in translating and valuating Digital Product Entity compared to legacy services and solutions.

Product Roadmap distillation problems and alignment with business priorities.  Rigor in quality management.

Projects managed ad hoc, via spreadsheet and without collaborative and objective business engagement for prioritization and management.  Portfolios not centered on business value.  Projects regularly over committed.

IT Financial views not reconciled to business processes nor service delivery     . Costs illustrated as HW/SW resources without context to business at large.  Hidden costs contributing to waste and overspend.

Formalized execution modeling, analysis and implementation.

Integrated DevSecOps paradigm and integration with other corporate development groups.

Reduction in time/costs for product portfolio management; enhanced delivery and speed to market..

Fast-Track IT Enablement portfolio management implementation.;

Service architecture, action plan, executive road-map for cost containment.

Service costing framework created and implemented, saving 18% in operational costs and improved capital forecasting.

Re-allocation of  IT assets, depreciation analysis, cost framework reduced IT spend by 3% across board.

Engagement of JCCEP as interim CISO, optimizing operating model, cyber security strategy and security project delivery.

Information Security transparency and cost ambiguity.

Vendor understanding and optimization issues.

Challenges in aligning cyber security capabilities to overall business strategy.

d overspend.

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