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In our Insights Blog, our guidance, perspectives and philosophies are not just views of our environment.  They are reflections on the leadership and expertise we have delivered to clients.




  • Exec leadership in portfolio analysis

  • Rationalization and valuation of applications according to the company value chain

  • Design, coaching and implementation of Project and Program Portfolio Management

  • Executive and BoD dashboards for service and program portfolios

  • Balanced scorecard implementation for multiple industry sectors

  • Interim Program Executive

We have driven,

and continue to drive,

all of the above.

Engage us in analytical action, consultative execution, as well as interim leadership.

For your firm's future.

Drive returns that last.

- Application Portfolio Management
- Project Portfolio Management
- Service Portfolio Management

They are all about the corporate value chain.   Yet IT is discussed as a grab bag of one-off services.

All enterprises develop new capabilities, implement new systems and services, and invest in the future. Yet industry statistics show that the vast majority of IT and business projects exceed budget, miss time-lines, and fail to deliver the promised gains.

Further, you are spending a fortune on applications in the cloud, on-prem, across the value chain, within your company's divisions.

Have you aligned your services to the business processes in the corporate value chain?

In each of those portfolios, the negative impact to the bottom line is real and extensive.  Without discipline in those portfolios, there is no IT Business Management, nor executive lens around IT's complexity.

Application waste, project delays and wasted spend is NOT typically caused by team incompetence. More often than not, ad-hoc behaviors, newly emerging priorities, the “crisis du jour,” and lack of sound portfolio decision-making affect consistent, machine-like delivery.   Insist on structure.

  • Is your application portfolio aligned to your business processes?

  • Are projects prioritized and directly reconciled to your strategic and tactical plans?

  • Are services managed and re-assessed according to a corporate value chain perspective?

While IT needs will change according to the market, the evolving operation, and your customer’s demands, a successful portfolio management strategy – one that is a business discipline, and embedded in the enterprise value chain – will create the partnership demanded to achieve the promised returns forecast by IT Management.


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