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In our Insights Blog, our guidance, perspectives and philosophies are not just views of our environment.  They are reflections on the leadership and expertise we have delivered to clients.




  • Rationalized M&A decision - making; how to realize the promises

  • Due diligence – IT and business processes rigor and preparation

  • Integration effectiveness; metrics and value chain optimization

  • Integration of cohesive operating models, pre and post merger

  • Valuation impact of integration

We have driven,

and continue to drive,

all of the above.

Engage us in analytical action, consultative execution, as well as interim leadership.

For your firm's future.

Drive returns that last.


Expanding a firm’s suite of  products and services; penetrating a new market; expanding a global footprint; mergers and acquisitions are critical  milestones in a company’s ability to evolve.   But often the promises expected under an expanded  company do not materialize.  


The post merger challenges are often underestimated or not considered at all.

While extensive issues involved in systems  interoperability, merging infrastructures, taxonomy, and technology  standards are crucial, they pale in comparison to the cultural challenges, when one entity perceives a merger as an identity loss, or when the parent firm ignores the fact that the smaller firm’s operations may be worth emulating.


  • Is the acquisition aligned to the company’s strategic plan?

  • How thoroughly was the due diligence maintained, and are the original cost expectations tracked, controlled and monitored?  

  • Is the post acquisition activity involving only  technical issues and ignoring cultural aspects?


Technical, Process and Cultural challenges can undermine and diminish the gains that were expected from a merger; however the risk can be mitigated with appropriate and holistic analysis and merger implementation.


With deliberate yet expeditious analysis, the returns promised from a merger will be realized for  management  and shareholders alike. 

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