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Leadership Network

Since 2005, JCC Executive Partners has driven sustainable returns for management executives and technology teams, across multiple industry sectors.  Focused on IT business management, we have delivered change and benefits across operations  and strategic investments, in a matter of days.  Our objective is your ROI.

John Chambers, Ph.D.
President and Founder
Marc Jobert, Ph.D.
Principal Advisor

With international executive management experience, John's strategic leadership has driven cost savings and revenue gains through focused application of business management practices and Information Technology expertise.  A leader, practitioner, as well as researcher in innovation management, digital development, cyber and risk management, value creation, strategy and operational excellence, John’s cross-cultural approach has optimized corporate teams and communications.

Dr. Chambers has also taught internationally across the entire IT Value chain and  its integration with business process.

As senior management leader, CTO, and scientist for over 30 years, Dr. Jobert has led global IT organizations, pharmacovigilance efforts, business development, and advanced scientific research.  Fluent in several languages and published throughout the scientific and pharmaceutical community, Marc’s approach to business is a disciplined balance of management skill, collaboration, and scientific rigor, driving and sustaining bottom line returns.

Wayne Barraclough
Principal Advisor

With decades of experience heading governance and quality management, Wayne has led comprehensive and cross functional Risk, Compliance and Security initiatives, and designed and developed advanced risk management tools and utilities.  He is expert in all major security standards as well as audit preparedness, Wayne’s approach does not simply mitigate risk, but rather drives market share through quality precision.

James Shortall
Principal Advisor

Jim is our preeminent executive adviser for operations, infrastructure and cloud strategies.  Fluent across innumerable technology stacks and applying compliance rigor in the strictest environments, he has transformed legacy infrastructures into competitive, leading-edge, corporate advantages.  Jim’s technical thoroughness is matched by his keen insight into business value propositions., advising and guiding clients across a spectrum of complex technologies and customer enabling strategies.

Dennis Waliczek
Principal Advisor

Supply chain expert, accomplished IT / business development executive for consulting firms, manufacturing  and services, Dennis is expert in logistics and supply chains, having held the CIO position in Fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-sized and startups.

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