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In our Insights Blog, our guidance, perspectives and philosophies are not just views of our environment.  They are reflections on the leadership and expertise we have delivered to clients.



  • Interim CIO exec leadership.

  • Optimized Digital Innovation Execution Models

  • Exit Strategy: Optimized returns for Enterprise software firm​

  • Top-to-bottom creation/implementation of IT/Business Strategy.

  • Interim executive management across IT leadership and reporting domains

  • Organizational Architecture and cost model for optimal team structure and returns

  • Sourcing framework, cost reduction and alignment to cloud and innovation model

We have driven,

and continue to drive,

all of the above.

Engage us in analytical action, consultative execution, as well as interim leadership.

For your firm's future.

Drive returns that last.

Your business strategy demands IT immersion.

Your IT strategy demands business intelligence.

Is your firm seeking to Exit, or Improve, or Transform?

The CIO and management team in IT are, in essence, GMs of the most complex business within a business.


Whether it's innovating the corporation's solutions, managing  supply chain and contracts, understanding cloud and security impacts on the service portfolio, optimizing service spend, or rationalizing the app portfolio...  IT is responsible for multiple touch points and process dependencies across the organization.    

Every IT solution is a business  solution  - embedded into operations, into strategy, into customer relations.  Just as all the professionals in your enterprise must see themselves as  sales professionals; all the managers must see themselves as IT partners.  

Information systems and technologies are not just technical support domains, delivering basic infrastructure connectivity, storage or cloud solutions management.   

Your system technologies and processes are more than the backbone of your global footprint.  They are business assets, business processes, business drivers. They are the management fiber of the enterprise.

Business knowledge is part and parcel of your information systems fabric, a fabric that  constitutes the culture of your enterprise. Otherwise, the value of IT is  questionable, perhaps even lost.

  • As CIO, are you the managing director of your knowledge systems, your corporate intelligence, and the bridge between you and your customers?

  • Is 'Chief Information Officer' also an Innovation officer, business partner, business collaborator, and driver of returns?

  • Is IT rigorously managed "as a business,"  in its business process / service catalog, project portfolio, and supplier management processes?

Bridging your operation with your strategy; 

bridging your customers  with your strategic plan; 

bridging  your  employees    with    your    mission...

IT  management is  business management.


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