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In our Insights Blog, our guidance, perspectives and philosophies are not just views of our environment.  They are reflections on the leadership and expertise we have delivered to clients.



  • Innovation design and Executive leadership for Operations teams and DevSecOps fluidity

  • Startup Operating Models, structured for maximum valuation

  • Transformational, operational excellence, coaching and implementation from startup to blue chip

  • Development of the “Strategic” Infrastructure: cost control and the bottom line

  • Continuous improvement cultures

We have driven,

and continue to drive,

all of the above.

Engage us in analytical action, consultative execution, as well as interim leadership.

For your firm's future.

Drive returns that last.

Your execution model -- Operational Excellence.

That requires so much more than repeatable processes.  

And true operational excellence demands something that is often considered inconsistent with strict process compliance - a culture of innovation.

Measuring  the enterprise's operation requires assessment and analysis of meaningful metrics - metrics that can directly tie departmental performance with the bottom line and the company's net margin.  

Further, as virtualization and autonomous operations step us toward the SDDC paradigm, infrastructure support demands competency and knowledge within DevSecOps.  By all IT professionals.  Versatility is the expectation.

Cloud operations require business insight as well as technology fluency, as the progression to a truly digitally transformed backbone and nerve center.

Performance improvement  demands more than predictable process behavior; it demands a disciplined, managed, continual assessment of whether the processes are still optimal based on company strategy.  

  • Do your department metrics tie to the metrics that articulate your strength in partnerships with product management?

  • Is shadow IT sneaking in the corridors, and do  you understand why that is occurring?

  • By what means are the current business processes operationalized?

  • Does the culture promote a disciplined and rigorous focus on operational enhancement, via innovation?

Everybody in the organization is involved  in  streamlining the operation, especially those  that  handle the inner workings of  the infrastructure, supply chain, and on-the-ground processes that define a company's effectiveness.  And managers must encourage a structured dialog that will derive sustainable changes.  

Driving returns that last depends on operational excellence  that  is  steeped in innovation.


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