• John Chambers, PhD

IDC Tech Trends: Are you covering them?

The IDC 2021 IT predictions have been getting a lot of press lately.

I've structured this matrix to highlight strategic and program expectations for covering these areas.

No surprise that your (remote) ”Location Strategy” is a common theme. They don't explicitly state "Location Strategy," but the predictions and their commentary (link down below) are dripping with that prerequisite.

I was surprised. by the way, when someone asked me about my recent blog "Still Remote", telling me that Remote operations were already widely implemented due to COVID-19. "It's already been managed," he said. “The need is covered.”


What's been "managed" was a scramble to run businesses when employees were suddenly forbidden to come into offices. Some enterprises had implemented Remote strategies long ago. But for others it's been ad hoc heroics and running, and not a vetted and comprehensive strategy across the firm..

Sustainable strategies are not reactions.

Across the ten predictions, I've associated Strategic Priorities; Program Umbrellas; and IT Business Management (ITBM) Fundamentals, which highlight critical areas that ensure the trends are considered and can be aligned.

  • Strategic Priorities-- Required strategies that would have commensurate tactical plans, and commensurate corporate progress in your environment.

  • Program Umbrellas -- The overarching, formalized roadmaps that require a frequent, disciplined and in-depth review with the leadership team and, potentially, board.

  • ITBM Fundamentals – mandatory day-in-the-life activities that run with machinelike rigor, constituting your foundational prerequisites for IT best practice.

For IT Business leaders, ensure taxonomies, associated with the trends, are part of your strategic and tactical discussions and plans.

It’s more than socializing the domains.

It’s transforming ways of work -- across all sectors, services, and products.

In a virtualized marketplace and virtualized competitive landscape, there is no room for waste.

As always, feel free to reach out, if you need to discuss.

And here’s a link to the IDC predictions.


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