Making a Living, or Making a Mark?

"I never thought I'd live to be a million." The Moody Blues, To our Children's Children's Children Business owners, whether of grand corporations or Mom and Pop stopovers, take pride in their legacy. They will look upon the balance sheet, or the web page, or gaze across the parking lot toward the bricks and mortar. In the beginning those places were constructed on pillars of disciplined savings, the stress of mortgages, bank notes and promises, cornerstones of a dream. When the notes are paid, they wondered, Would we seek new notes for expansion? Would the customers be ten-fold what they are today? Will the town know our name? Will the region? Will cyberspace? Will our legacy be a

Empathy: Leadership Strength

“Who is the living food for the machines…- ? Who lubricates the machine joints with their own blood - ? Who feeds the machines with their own flesh - ? Let the machines starve, you fools - ! Let them die - ! Kill them - the machines - !” (Metropolis, 1927) The climactic resolution of that cinematic tour de force didn’t resolve the dichotomy of its worker vs. thinker paradigm. It proposed a mediation or empathetic detente between the contrasted social classes. The zeitgeist was understandable at that moment in history. But it should be less so now, whereupon a 'worker vs. thinker’ perspective is offensive on its face. Yet vestiges of the class perspective instead of the person perspec

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