Enterprise Changers -- from Weakness to Strength

"An arch consists of two weaknesses which, leaning one against the other, make a strength.” Leonardo Da Vinci I would never characterize any of us as weak. But we rely on each other. Our singular strength is not as formidable as our unified strength. Our companies depend on that. For highly performing teams, we regularly calibrate our organizational strengths and how we can adapt, evolve and leverage each other’s talents. As manager, you are constantly adjusting. Just as the creators of the famous Gateway Arch did. A magnificent structure, the St. Louis icon represents the doorway to the west, doorway to adventure. Most of the sections, varying from 17’ to 54’, were fabricated in P

Cracks in the Ice

If you’ve lived in the north, the March thaw couldn’t come soon enough. Where I grew up, it was usually in April. Prior to the “mud season” the melting snow patches and icy strips, especially on a sunny day, were woodland gifts to our senses: crystalline snow clusters morphing to water; icicles on gutters, dripping into tiny canals around the house perimeter; rushing cold streams as musical calls to spring. It was all quite beautiful, as my mother would remind, so long as you “keep your eyes and ears open!” She would worry about those falling stalactites. Mothers were always the keenest of risk managers. In spite of a mother’s admonitions concerning icy spears, and her impatience th

Jazz in the Office

In Louis Armstrong Park, toward the edge of New Orleans’ French Quarter, we pay homage to this one-of-a-kind city. Embracing its musical heritage are monuments of artists that are no longer with us. And there are expressions from new artists that are with us, like Shelena Jones-Adele, who sculpted New Orleans Marching Brass Band. Her piece reminds us that individuality of expression and uniqueness of instrumentation gift us with collective beauty. Inspirational Paradox While conjuring darker, sadder institutions, we can still embrace a better, more prosperous future. When we walk Congo Square, the location carries the paradox of historic desolation with optimism. There was vile disregar

Why a Chief Digital Officer?

When companies understand the need to transform their business through a digital lens, they often understand the basics to define a strategy, rationalize funding, and identify the impacts of falling behind in an age where consumers are attached to their phones. But when it comes to organizational alignment there are a variety of views on how to approach this, and often a company will grapple with the idea of having a single digital leader or a CDO (Chief Digital Officer). While there isn't a precise right answer to the ultimate question, there are plenty of wrong answers that can cause companies to churn time, money, and even further disappoint their customers. Although certain industries co

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