Turn the lights on

Incidents are in the enterprise, and we all own them. We do. Especially at the executive level. We can collaborate or we can assign blame. Cue on, “If we just get rid of that guy....” If it were only that easy. Operational or strategic efforts don’t fall to one individual. Success isn’t singular. And it isn’t anywhere in life. This isn’t a call to be assimilated into some sci-fi collective called the corporation but, rather, an understanding that we are one team. That’s yet another we-already-know-that. Then why are there so many whispers in hallways, smirks at break time in the board room, rolling eyes? They are all poison to the culture. Have you walked by an office and, as

Of Architects and Ivory Towers

The architect is a people person. Or ought to be. There are many IT professionals who tire of the operational routines, who wish to avoid the daily grind and intensity of managing people. Of course, managing people is much more than completing a goals review or a performance plan but we’ll leave that for another time. In the firm, the best architects and strategists know that their connections to others, their ability to sell ideas and accept ideas, and to collaborate with respect, are as important as their technical prowess, credentials, and experience. Images of the architect are often romantic -- the monk, protector of knowledge through the Dark Ages, scribing by candlelight, or a f

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