The HMS Beagle and You

"Taxonomy was Darwin’s foundation,” wrote biologist Mary Winsor. It demands your artistic creativity and your scientific curiosity. Yo

All Aboard for 5G

With 5G’s impending entry, I wonder how many customers and firms have prepared for it, using the technology wave as impetus for their own operational excellence and innovation. Some firms have spent more time in choosing a railway shipping carrier than they have in considering the impact and opportunities of the 5G promise. When you plan your travel, you generally know where you are going. And why. When you select your class of service, you’re considering your wallet and weariness and the weather. And if you’re looking to your competition, you want to get to your destination faster than they, or at least fast enough to fulfill your trip objectives. Boarding the train that tunnels throug

Rapidly in blues

En route to a Storage Array Networking (SAN) supplier, whose offerings were under consideration for our in-house data center transformation, I had just completed a four-hour flight. My thoughts were accompanied by the quintessential, American classical jazz masterpiece that was played throughout the United Airlines airport terminal. Rhapsody in Blue just never gets old. Can you believe it’s been almost 30 years since that musical campaign began for the Friendly Skies?! It’s not only the magnificent melodic imagery, nor the Ferde Grofé orchestration (marvelous as it was), the piece is simply beautiful, exciting, thoughtful and cohesive while wending a journey throughout its different the

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