Strategy as Tick Box

Sustainable strategy is an oxymoron. So much so that many executives avoid the strategic deliberations altogether. As opportunities for “long term” market share dwindle, and the speed of competition is as swift as the electrons hitting the router, strategies can become obsolete not in five years but maybe in 15 months. Exacerbating the dilemma is that strategic development is often last on the To-Do list in the “fast paced” environment of some enterprises. Eschew the hallway running and build structures that adapt and morph seamlessly to ever-changing demands. Although the competitive, "first mover" opportunity is nearly impossible to sustain, your strategy is more critical now than

"Judge me by my size, do you?"

Yoda made his way to the big screen again this past holiday season, and his earlier movie quote is a learning reminder: "Judge me by my size...?" Within the discipline of international or even any successful business, we think of multinational conglomerates, huge corporations, and institutional hierarchies. But a close look at a small business will teach us lessons we often overlook in the hurried and hectic pace of unfortunate tick-box cultures -- many whom sadly contain false senses of security and illusions of revenue permanence. When we consider the innovation economy and the shrinking window of competitive advantage due to imitability and information transparency, it’s not enough for

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