What's in a Name

The Director of Client Relations had a name -- Nick. He spoke often of his "company’s greatest asset" – the people. Notwithstanding the unsavory association of human beings to the upper portion of a corporate balance sheet, I still understood what he was trying to say. But actions speak louder than words. Nick was proud of the enormous factory floor, with rows of desks, microscopes and rubber-gloved employees who painstakingly tested and built blade components for computing power, moving them along the noisy, mini conveyor belt and ensuring “the top notch quality” of the product. In a corner section was a man who was recalibrating some test equipment. Critical to the end state qualit

"Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste”

“Are the Nazis chasing you?” my mother would ask me, sensing my anxiety and nerves before a recital, or a homework deadline, or track meet. “Relax, and you’ll be at peace and more likable. Relax and things work out.” A little girl during the second world war, she nevertheless lived an ordinary life in the U.S. as distant from the Nazi threat as anyone. But maybe having seen her older brother join the service, and perhaps thinking of him while she watched The Mortal Storm or Mrs. Miniver in 1940s Saturday night movie theaters, she placed those horrors at the top of the fear scale, one of many evils that have beset humanity from the beginning of time. But her sobering contrast unfortun

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