Digital's Field of Dreams

Nearly twenty years ago, Field of Dreams went viral, and so did its set design. The Iowan baseball diamond became a tourist stop, fortuitously sharing the film’s closing images. They built it, and others came. Over the past several years, the site has been purchased, the ball field still protected, and the owners endeavored to scale that success, expanding the “dream.” At present that future expansion is still unknown. But still left are images and sounds, of James Earl Jones’ tale-telling, which colored a marvelous story of regret and second chances. So how do we go from baseball to digital execution? Companies seek to digitize their environment and their product offerings -- build t

Purpose and Promise

Artist Edgar Paxson famously envisioned a team's mission in Lewis and Clark at Three Forks. Doubtless the Corps of Discovery was a talented crew. When executive Dan Schulman of PayPal described building success with the best people, his words were delivered with enthusiasm and his usual aplomb. Five words in his articulation would have been enough. He said, “Talent looks for a mission.” This was marvelous on many levels. This multifaceted statement alone captures the essence of your identity and your firm’s identity. The best people are on a journey with vision and clarity. If your firm doesn’t have that clarity and insistence on the vision, the best talent will depart, boldly going w

Interim Inspiration

In 1959 Ferrari produced a handful of automobiles under the name Interim. They represented the chassis of prior years while acting as harbinger of exciting, new Pinin Farina body designs. The Interim, while few in numbers, was the bridge to transformation -- classical foundation driving future brilliance. The most successful interim executives and organizational leaders align to this concept. Many years ago, I heard a reference to interim leaders as babysitters until the “permanent” successor is molded from within, or discovered outside. The characterization is offensive to the interim leader and offensive to the leader’s reporting team -- especially those leaders who understand their

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