Stewards or Serfs?

Bjorn is the CEO of a 5,000 employee enterprise. After board and executive competitive analyses, Bjorn wanted the company to focus extensively, if not singularly and passionately, on the new CRM app, a dynamic AI based utility that marks a transformative shift in the industry. As the operation rolls along, various projects march ahead. The actions of all departments are the orchestra that will optimally drive the CRM app to fruition. At various crossroads, managers, professionals across the enterprise and leaders will be challenged as to priorities. And in those moments the culture is manifestly exposed when a leader is unable to champion the value of that critical CRM strategy without de

Meandering Meetings: Costly Indictments on the Culture

Years ago an executive was dismissive of a steering committee session. The host of this meeting would arrive on a monthly basis and seek counsel, deliberate ideas against a problem set that was refined and structured. The forum purpose was advancement of the IT Strategy. It was at the highest level of the enterprise. It worked. Over time, one executive peculiarly became tired of the format and apparently missed the point. He said, “We sit here and are presented a palette of initiatives with some goals on it. This meeting should be about strategy!” So be it. Then what is it that this executive wanted to do? Unfortunately, and based on history, he wanted to pontificate and shoot the br

Walking on eggshells, us and Equifax

For the ostensibly mature environments, the casual and rather arrogant outcry is, “Equifax are a bunch of dummies. The CISO was a music major without a clue. They hid like rats for months.” For those with more sensible and tempered views, it is “There but for the grace of God go I.” A lot went wrong in deed and in response for the credit agency, spanning IT, Communications, Legal and the senior leadership team, charged with protecting the – no, not just the company, but rather their customer’s lives and livelihoods! In the rock’ em sock’em world of open competition, Equifax got sucker punched because of their own failures to raise their guard. Worse, their own failures to dress their w

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